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An interactive cooking game for kids

Toca Kitchen 2 is a popular children’s cooking game where players can experiment with making different dishes and serving them to guests. As a cooking game, it lets kids explore their creativity and stay in charge of the kitchen. It doesn’t have any rules or timers and comes with an endless supply of ingredients to cook with. 

When you complete the Toca Kitchen 2 download on your PC, you will be able to introduce your kids to cooking without worrying about any mess or safety. As you cook at home, your child will be able to follow along on the computer screen. It’ll also encourage them to identify how items change color when they are cooked, boiled, or baked. Compared with alternatives like Cooking Fever, Animal Jam, and Magic Jigsaw Puzzle, Toca Kitchen 2 is far more popular and entertaining. 

What is the point of Toca Kitchen 2?

Toca Kitchen 2 is the sequel of the popular Toca Kitchen game that puts kids in charge of the cooking. The game, like its predecessors, allows kids to select ingredients from a wide range of options to prepare elaborate dishes. The game is designed to challenge children and to help them tap into their creativity. 

Furthermore, the cooking game will allow your child to test different ingredients, learn more about fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and enjoy the virtual messiness. The game also includes three dining guests or patrons who will serve as food testers. The game is designed for Windows and is available at a low cost. 

How does Toca Kitchen 2 work?

Overall, Toca Kitchen 2 has a minimalistic layout. When you open the app on your Windows PC, you are greeted with a menu that asks you to play the game. On the next screen that appears, you need to choose your dining patron. Once you’ve selected, your patron will be seated with an empty plate in front of them. It’s your turn to think up different food combinations to serve to your guests. 

If you swipe to the right of the screen, you will be able to see your pantry. If you swipe left, you will be able to see your kitchen. All the seasoning options rest on the lower right side of the screen and have a salt and pepper icon. Toca Kitchen 2 comes with 24 ingredients in the pantry, thereby giving more cooking options to the young chefs. From here, you can select anything - chicken, steak, onion, rice, watermelon, octopus, etc. 

The kitchen consists of a cutting board, water boiling pot, frying pan, blender, and deep fryer. Since all the game controls are touch-based, you can easily drag and drop items from the refrigerator or the kitchen onto the cutting board or plate. In addition to this, also included is an automatic blending and chopping - all you have to do is tap and drag the right icons.  

How is food served in Toca Kitchen 2?

Whenever you play Toca Kitchen 2, you will have to choose what you wish to serve to your guests. Then, you will have to chop, fry, and serve everything, just as you would in a real kitchen. Additionally, when you serve food to your guests, they will react to let you know how well you prepared something. For instance, if you serve hot food, your guests will end up blowing steam out of their mouths. 

What’s new in Toca Kitchen 2?

Toca Kitchen 2 is the sequel to the original Toca Kitchen game. The latest version includes several new features that weren’t available in the original. It has newer guests for whom you can cook, more kitchen tools to cook with, and better, more authentic reactions to the meals you cook. Furthermore, Toca Kitchen 2 also adds additional levels of grossness to characters. 

Is Toca Kitchen 2 free?

Unfortunately, Toca Kitchen 2 is not available for free. However, you can download the game for Windows at a nominal charge. Once installed, you won’t have to pay anything or worry about advertisements popping up and sending your children to different web pages. 

Should I download Toca Kitchen 2?

If you’re looking for a fun, yet educational game for your child, then download Toca Kitchen 2. It’s a popular game that helps kids learn the basics of cooking. It also allows them to enjoy the messiness that they create without actually getting dirty. 

The game has no rules or timers, allowing kids to think up different dishes to cook, follow recipes and serve whatever they have prepared to their animated guests. The young chefs can also follow you along as you chop, blend and fry dishes for a family meal. 


  • Has a minimalistic layout
  • Suitable for young kids
  • Makes cooking fun
  • Offers a great learning experience


  • The drag-and-drop feature can be tedious

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Toca Kitchen 2 for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.4
  • (189)
  • Security Status

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